Speak up for Mental Health!

From May 9 to May 13 it is European Mental Health Week to raise more awareness and sense of urgency about mental health issues. So please speak up for mental health. Be vocal. It’s ok to not be ok!

Mental health affects all of us at every stage of our lives. Together we can shape a brighter future for young people. Everyone needs and deserves access to mental health care. That’s why we have a dedicated mental health team at HelloDoc Health.

Are you ready to commit to action for mental health?

Speak up for mental health and start NOW!

Feeling depressed?

Do you feel depressed? Then please contact a remote doctor at HelloDoc Health if you feel depressed most of the day for more than two weeks or if almost nothing interests you anymore. You might have a depression, so please take it serious!

More information or book an appointment?

Would you like to discuss your mental health issues (e.g. depression, burn-out, stress and/or trauma) with an experienced multilingual mental health therapist? At HelloDoc Health we have an international team of mental health specialists that can help and treat you effectively.

Please feel free to book an online or on-site mental health consultation at HelloDoc Health! 

Our mental health consults start with 65,00 Euro and most of our mental health consults can be covered by your (international) health insurance.

We are here to help you 24/7!

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