Other medicines for type 2 diabetes and diseases of the heart, blood vessels or kidneys

For some people with type 2 diabetes, it is better to start using other medicines. These are people with diabetes who also have (had) a heart disease, blood vessel problems or kidney disease. For example, a heart attack, stroke, kidney damage or heart failure.

The new medicines reduce the risk of these people developing (again) a heart or blood vessel disease. Therefore, their treatment will be different.


Do you have a disease of your heart, blood vessels or kidneys? And do you suffer from type 2 diabetes?

  • Then from now on you will usually first receive a pill to eliminate sugar: an SGLT-2 inhibitor. For example empagliflozin or dapagliflozin. You will not start with metformin. Until now, this was often the first medicine for people with type 2 diabetes.
  • The medicines that follow can also be different.

Do you have type 2 diabetes and a heart, blood vessel or kidney disease? And do you already use medicines to keep your blood sugar stable?

  • If so, your medication may change.


Do you need more information?

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