HelloDoc Health medical consults for international students and expats

Back in 2017 HelloDoc Health was founded to help international students and expats with virtual primary care via phone consults and video consults. Based on her own expercience our company founder (doctor Sabine Fonderson) started with HelloDoc Health. When she started her medicine study at the Leiden University in the Netherlands, she experienced how difficult it was to find multilingual primary care that suited her.

We now strive to bring talented multi-lingual health professionals to mobile devices of all global citizens. We understand what it is like to study or work abroad and also fall ill in a new country. With HelloDoc Health we eliminate language and cultural barriers, so you can access medical advice fit for you.

Since the start of our company we have helped thousands of international students and expats with our dedicated health services in primary care, mental health, skin care, women’s health, lab tests, health check-ups, birth control, STD, diet, nutrition, e-prescriptions, travel certificates, medication and drug delivery (next business day). Please see our What we do page for our complete services overview.

International virtual health and in-person health services

Nowadays we provide our 24/7 health services for international students, expats, individuals and employers and their employees via chat, phone, video, in-person and on-site in most European countries.

Multi-lingual health services
  • We currently provide our GP consults in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Bulgarian, Hindi and Urdu.
  • Our mental health consults are being provided in English, Dutch and Bulgarian.
  • Our diet, weight loss and lifestyle consults are being provided in English, Dutch and Bulgarian.
Insured health services

Because we have contracts with various international health insurers such as AON, Chubb, Cigna Health and Axa you do not have to pay for our standard primary health and mental health services. All you need is to provide us with your health insurance number and proof of ID.

If your consult with us is not being covered by a health insurer, you can just pay (online). Primary health consults start with € 24.99 for a 10-minute GP-consult or € 49.99 for a 20 minute GP-consult.

When can HelloDoc Health help you?

In all of the following circumstances we are here to help you:

  • You are an international student in the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Ireland, or Spain.
  • You would like to schedule an appointment with a doctor.
  • You don’t have a GP in the country where you study and need to speak to a doctor.
  • You need a repeat prescription for regular medication that you are taking.
  • You want a prescription for a health problem.
  • You would like to be referred to see a medical specialist.
  • You want to know how to get blood tests done.
  • You think you have a bladder infection and would like to speak to a doctor
  • You have been asked to contact HelloDoc Health because there are no GP’s near you.
  • You have been asked to contact HelloDoc Health because your GP cannot help you on time.
  • You have been referred to HelloDoc Health by your international health insurer.
  • You are having difficulties finding a local doctor (in your student hometown) and would like to speak to a doctor online.
  • You would like to speak to a doctor in your own language.
More information or an appointment?

Would you like to discuss your health issue(s) with a doctor or therapist? Book a consultation at HelloDoc Health!

Consult fees start with € 24.99 and can be covered by most health insurance policies.

We are here to help you!