Help, I need a COVID19 test for my holiday!

It’s summer vacation time during these challenging coronavirus times. You’ve booked a little getaway to a nice relaxing spot to escape the confines of your home where you have been stuck day after day for months, working, living, trying to maintain some semblance of normality in these confusing times. 

You are getting excited about your holiday and start reading up all the socially distanced activities on offer! You then decide to check the travel guidance as you hear constantly on the news that the COVID-19 status of countries can change quickly. 

You suddenly find out that you need to get COVID-19 tests and a certificate to say you are coronavirus-free before you are allowed to enter your holiday destination! But how! Your vacation is less than 2 weeks away. You know that the local government in the Netherlands only tests people who have symptoms of coronavirus and you are feeling perfectly fine. You start googling for testing options and it just seems so confusing! There are different types of testing styles and testing types, different labs and locations. You are getting so worried that you might not be able to have your much needed break now. 

Let’s try to make this easier to understand!

Firstly there are 2 types of COVID-19 testing available on the market

  • COVID-19 PCR test: This test tells you if you CURRENTLY have a COVID-19 infection.It involves taking a sample from the back of your nose and/or throat using usually a cotton swab.
  • COVID-19 Antibody test: This test is more focused on finding out if you have PREVIOUSLY had a COVID-19 infection. So a PAST-infection- This is usually performed with a blood test. This test is available through HelloDoc’s lab partner –

A fit-to-travel assessment and certificate involves a full health assessment. This means the doctor needs to look at you head to toe and perform a check of all your vital systems (for example your heart and lungs) to ensure you are safe to travel. These usually need to be carried out within 48 hours before travel.

You double check the COVID-19 entry requirements for your holiday location. It says you need a negative COVID-19 PCR test, a COVID-19 antibody test AND a certificate stating that you are fit-to travel. You’re feeling very well, no signs of any cold. But you still don’t know where to go to have all of this done!

1. COVID-19 PCR Test

HelloDoc’s lab partner – is working very hard right now to make these tests available to the public. KLM health services is currently able to provide this test to eligible travellers.

2. COVID-19 Antibody Test provides these blood tests. The results are usually available within 1 week. You can order this blood test here:

3. Fit – To -Travel certification

A HelloDoc doctor will come to your house and perform a full medical assessment. Cost: €75 not including travel costs (km) outside The Hague area. 

All your tests come back negative, you have a clean bill of health and your certificate is ready for you! You remain feeling well and now have some sense of relief. You pack your facemasks and hand sanitiser in with your luggage and you are ready for your much deserved getaway. 

Please make sure you check the COVID-19 testing requirements for entry into your destination country very carefully. 

Under current Dutch COVID-19 guidelines, if you have any cold symptoms, you can have the COVID-19 PCR test performed by calling 0800 1202 (or +31 850 659 063) for an appointment at a government testing centre. There are waiting times so make sure to book as soon as you have symptoms. Don’t forget to self-isolate to prevent spreading the virus to other people. 


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